Second Hand Bicycle Store in Sapporo

・Our store is second hand bicycle store in Sapporo

・Open am10:00~about pm18:00

・Closed at 17:00 on Sundays and public holidays

・Please refer to "定休日" on regular holiday.

・For visiting methods, please refer to "来店方法".

・Google mapの読み込みに少し時間がかかります
・It will take a while to load Google Maps

・'The address of the shop is "Yamano 3 - 7 - 4 - 17 Nishi ku Sapporo city"

Store rules(お店の基本)

・People from many countries visit this shop

・We really appreciate it.

・using a translation application

・We have texts translating important explanations in different national languages. But it is incomplete.

・We are trying to talk to you with immature gestures. Please watch over with kindness.

・You can use free WiFi

method of payment(支払い方法について)

・Credit card can be used as payment method

・When payment is over, you can take a bicycle and leave immediately

・Tax-included price

crime prevention registration(防犯登録について)

・In Japan, when you buy a bicycle you must do "crime prevention registration(Bouhantouroku)"

・You write your registration in Japanese. But the store clerk will help.

・I will have you fill out your Japanese address. Please prepare in advance.

・Crime prevention registration(Bouhantouroku) fee is 650 yen.


・We hope that you will have a good time in Japan.



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